NEO CANDO Online User Group

  • Keeps users up-to-date on new NEO CANDO functionality and data sources
  • Allows users to exchange information on how they use NEO CANDO
  • Allows users to share success stories
  • Serves as a mechanism to provide feedback to NEO CANDO staff
  • Acts as a forum to ask questions

    Join the NEO CANDO Online User Group by clicking here to subscribe.

    How the User Group works

  • Users subscribe by clicking on the above link which takes them to the Case Western Reserve University Mailing List Manager.
  • Next, enter your email address.
  • When prompted to enter a password, just click "Subscribe," do not type anything into the password field.
  • In a few minutes, an email will be sent to you containing a password for you to use for the listserv site.
  • Follow the instructions in that email.

  • send an email to OR
  • log on to, click "your subscriptions" at the top right, click on the, click post on the left side.
  • Because the general public can subscribe to the mail list, postings must be approved by the list's moderators before being sent to make sure the material is NEO CANDO related.

    The CWRU Mailing List Manager allows subscribers to review past postings, send messages to the group, and remove themselves from the mailing list.

    If you have questions or need assistance, email or call 216-368-6946.